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Onimusha: Warlords (PS2) Cheats & Tips

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Alternative Costumes

Save the game after beating it. Start a new game and you will notice a new option: Shinnosuke Normal/Specia. This will give you new costumes.

Mini Game

Beat the game after collecting all the 20 blue rocks and save.

Onimusha 2 FMV

Beat and save the game. When you start a new game, there will be a new option called Special Report.

Bishamon O Flute

A man that you will see several times in the game will speak with you after you use the Evil Plate. He will take you to the Dark Realm. In the 20th level, open the box and you will get the flute.

Bishamon Sword

While you are in the Demon Realm, you will see a save mirror and 3 doors. Open the door that looks like an iron gate by using the Bishamon O Flute. Take the Bishamon Sword out of the Skull Demon.

GameShark Codes

Must Be On EC8562A0 1456E60A
Infinite Health 4CBF06C8 1456E725
Infinite Lightning Magic 4CBF0192 1456E725
Infinite Fire Magic 4CBF0198 1456E725
Infinite Wind Magic 4CBF0196 1456E725
Max Health 4CBF06C2 1456E70D
Max Magic 4CBFF9E2 1456E70D
Max Injected Souls 4CBFFFE0 145699EE
Max Enhancement Points 4CBFFFDC 145699EE