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Ridge Racer V (PS2) Cheats & Tips

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Walkthrough/Strategy Guide

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Control introduction sequence

During the introduction sequence with the girl walking down the street during a race, press L1 + R1 to cycle through three different effects for the portion that uses the in-game graphics. Press R1 for black and white graphics. Press R1 a second time and the graphics will have a yellow tint. Press R1 a third time to add blur effect, which will eliminate jagged graphics. Press L1 to cycle back through the various effects.

Third person view onscreen display

While racing in the third person perspective, hold Select to display onscreen information that includes the amount of pressure being used on various controller buttons.

Bonus cars

Beat each of the Grand Prix circuits.

Duel mode

Finish the race in 1st place in lap and overall time in the Standard Time Attack GP.

50's Super Drift Caddy

Finish the race in 1st place in the Danver Spectra race in duel mode.

Devil Drift

Finish the race in 1st place in the Rivelta Crinale race in duel mode.

VW Beetle

Finish the race in 1st place in the Solort Rumeur race in duel mode.

McLaren F1 clone

Finish the race in 1st place in the Kamata Angelus race in duel mode.

99 lap mode

Set the top score in each race of the Time Attack GP in Extra Mode, finishing in first place.

Pac-Man mode

Go over 3,000 kilometers in total distance raced.

Alternate saved game icon

Beat the game with all secrets unlocked.