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Rumble Racing (PS2) Cheats & Tips

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Unlock Van Itty Car

Type VTYANIYTT as a password.

Unlock Sporticus Car

Type OPSRTISUC as a password.

Unlock Buckshot Car

Type UBTCKSTOH as a password.

Unlock Gamecus Car

Type BSUIGASUM as a password.

Unlock Revolution Car

Type PTOATRTO1 as a password.

Unlock the High Roller Car

Type HGIROLREL as a password.

Passwords for Championship Mode

Type in either KOZIEC1PU, KZOIEC2P1, or OORKIEPUC as a password.

Unlock Vortex Car

Type in 1AREXT1AR as a password.

Unlock XXS Tomcat

Type in NALDSHHSD as a password.

Unlock Interceptor Car

Type in CDAAPTN1A as a password.

Unlock Redneck Rocket Car

Type in KCEROCTEC as a password.

Unlock Road Trip Car

Type in ABOGOBOGA as a password.

Unlock Stinger Car

Type in AMHBRAAMH as a password.

Unlock Thor Car

Type in THTPORHROT as a password.

Unlock the Pro Cup 2, Falls Down Track, and Cataclysm car

Type in NALDSHHSD as a password.

Unlock the Pro Cup 2, Falls Down Track, and Catacysm Car.

Type in P1PROC1PU as a password.

 Unlock the Pro Cup 3, The Gauntlet Track, and EsCargot Car

Type in Q2PROC2YT as a password.

Unlock the Elite Cup Series, Surf and Turf Tracks, Elite Class Cars, and Road Kill Car

Type in AEPPROPUC as a password.

Unlock the EA Stunt Cup and Grand Championship Video

Type in YEAMPLOWW as a password.

Unlock the Circus Minimus Track

Type in ZEAGTLUKE as a password.

Unlock the Cobalt Car

Type in ILACOBTLA as a password.

Game Shark Codes

Master Code (Must Be On) EC8DF810 1456E60A
Extra Stunts Performed 1C8AA440 17E9C70C
High Stunt Score 1CB32268 17E9C70C
1C8AA444 17E9C70C
Press L3 For More Stunt Time 0C897926 1456E5A5
1C5832D0 145470C5
Unlock EA Rookie Cup 4CB508FE 1456E7A6
Unlock Pro Cup 1 4CB50810 1456E7A6
Unlock Pro Cup 2 4CB5081A 1456E7A6
Unlock Pro Cup 3 4CB50B2C 1456E7A6
Unlock EA Pro Cup 4CB50B36 1456E7A6
Unlock Elite Cup 1 4CB50B48 1456E7A6
Unlock Elite Cup 2 4CB50B52 1456E7A6
Unlock Elite Cup 3 4CB50B64 1456E7A6
Unlock Elite Cup 4 4CB50B6E 1456E7A6
Unlock EA Elite Cup 4CB50B80 1456E7A6
Unlock EA Stunt Cup 4CB50B8A 1456E7A6
Unlock All Tracks 4CB508D2 1456E6A6
1CB508D8 1355E6A6
1CB508DC 1355E6A6
1CB508E0 1355E6A6
1CB508DE 1355E6A6
Unlock All Cars (1/2) 1CB50868 1355E6A6
1CB5086C 1355E6A6
1CB50870 1355E6A6
1CB50874 1355E6A6
1CB50878 1355E6A6
1CB5087C 1355E6A6
1CB50880 1355E6A6
1CB50884 1355E6A6
1CB50888 1355E6A6
1CB5088C 1355E6A6
1CB50890 1355E6A6
Unlock All Cars (2/2) 1CB50894 1355E6A6
1CB50898 1355E6A6
1CB5089C 1355E6A6
1CB508A0 1355E6A6
1CB508A4 1355E6A6
1CB508A8 1355E6A6
1CB508AC 1355E6A6
1CB508B0 1355E6A6
1CB508B4 1355E6A6
1CB508B8 1355E6A6
1CB508BC 1355E6A6
1CB508C0 1355E6A6
4CB508D4 1456E6A6