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Sky Gunner (PS2) Cheats & Tips

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Game Shark Codes

Must Be On 0E3C7DF2 1853E59E
Infinite Optional Weapons DE8716BE 1F0CFEE6
DE871646 1F0CFEE6
DE871642 1F0CFEE6
Low Total Game Time DE88973EBCA9A9A3
All Modes/Planes CE8897C2 BCA99A82
All Scene 1 Photos CE8896AA BCA99A82
All Scene 2 Photos CE8896B6 BCA99A82
All Scene 3 Photos CE8896B2 BCA99A82
All Scene 4 Photos CE8896BE BCA99A82
All Scene 5 Photos CE8896BA BCA99A82
All Ventre's Photos CE8896AE BCA99A82