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UFC Throwdown (PS2) Cheats & Tips

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Unlock Burce Buffer

In UFC Mode with a default character, get a Gold Belt.

Unlock Dana White

First, beat all challenges with Lorenzo Fertila.  Next, at the character selection screen, highlight Lorenzo and hold L1 and select him to play as Dana White.

Unlock John McCarthy

Beat all the challenges with Mario Yamasaki.  Then, while at the Character Selection screen, highlight Mario Yamasaki, Hold L1, and choose him against John McCarthy.

Unlock Lorenzo Fertitta

Get the Gold beltin UFC mode with a created player.

Unlock Ring Girl

View the Round Highlights for the whole match and let the card girls walk around 100 times.

Unlock Mario Yamasaki

Get the Gold belt with any character.

Unlock Karate Fights

Beat Career mode with a Sumo created player.

Unlock Kung-Fu Fights

Beat Career mode with a Kick Boxer.

Game Shark Codes

Must Be On 0E3C7DF2 1853E59E
Unlimited Challenge Points FEB45502 BCA99BE7
Player 2 controls CPU FEB457C6 BCA99B83
Full Endurance DEB4556A BCA99BC3
Full Stamina DEB45576 BCA99BC3
Full Punch Skill DEB45572 BCA99BC3
Full Kick Skill DEB4557E BCA99BC3
Full Grappling Skill DEB4557A BCA99BC3
Full Speed DEB45506 BCA99BC3
Stronger Career Fighter DEB4556A BCA99A82
DEB45576 BCA99A82
DEB45572 BCA99A82
DEB4557E BCA99A82
DEB4557A BCA99A82
DEB45506 BCA99A82