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Polyphony returns with the third in a series of the best racing sims ever made. Entirely refined, complete with a new graphics engine, designs, and beautiful concept cars, GT3 is gorgeous. Every time I decide to throw GT3 in the ol' PS2, I wonder to myself, why is this game so fun, why am I coming back to play it again. However, the second I rev the engine to my F100 and feel the rapid acceleration, diverse courses, and overall fun design, I am hooked.

Gran Turismo 3 has so much to offer, including perhaps the best graphics displayed on the PS2 yet. While watching the replays, it is hard to tell the difference between reality and CGI. It has everything, moving backgrounds, smoke, reflections on the cars windows, and even -- my favorite -- brake pads that light up when heavy brake usage is applied.

The graphics aren't the only accurate reinterpreted aspect of GT3, the CPU's AI is wonderful. If I were to push a car into a wall on lap 3 and accelerate by them, this car might catch up to me on lap 7 (key word -- might catch up ;-) ) and nail me into the grass, causing me to not only lose control, but valuable lap positions as well. This aspect, called "Emotion Physics" is wonderfully and accurately done, to create almost a battle on the field.

As always, Gran Turismo is packed with real-life cars, and accurate physics to match each. Over 35 car companies are featured from all over the world, each entirely customizable, from rims to the engine, to just overall specs. You even need to get car washes occasionally to keep the drag down.

You start the game out with just a little bit of money, enough to buy a cheap used car. You then go out an prove yourself by winning tournaments and collecting the dough. As you build up money, you get better cars, and harder races. Eventually you will need to get a license to advance in the game to new courses, and faster cars. Luckily the license tests aren't nearly as aggravating as they were in GT1, but just hard enough to make sure you are capable of playing up a level.

Besides just road racing, the Polyphony has added a rally section to the game, which is also incredibly fun. Featuring new cars, great courses, and accurate physics, it is something I hope to see more of in later models of the game.

Gran Turismo, which has always sported great soundtracks, has done it again. Dozens of songs are featured by some huge names, that keep the adrenaline pumping. Unfortunately, Polyphony neglected to add an option to let me turn the music up. As a result, the music is drowned out by my Corvette, and a great song is gone to waste. Ironic isn't it, that they gave so many options for the cars, but not enough for the actual game.

As always, Polyphony has amazed me again with the best racing sim ever made, seriously. There are a few of you gamers out there who haven't played this game up -- pick it up, it is a greatest hits now, and only twenty bucks!

Rating: 9.7 / 10