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Fight Night Round 3 (PS3) Cheats & Tips

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Unlock: All Venues Unlocked

In Create Champ mode, type in NEWVIEW as a first name.

Unlock: Madison Square Garden

Win a match at Madison Square Garden to unlock it.

Unlock: The Staples Center

Win a match at The Staples Center to unlock it.

Unlock: Play as Ko Rey Mo

Beat Ko Rey Mo in the light heavy division of Career Mode.

Unlock: Extra Boxing Styles

As you win matches in ESPN Classic Fights mode and Career mode to unlock extra boxing styles including: Uptight, Slickster, Hard Straights, Smooth, Textbook, Sinister Cross, Philly Shell, Hook Master, Judge Jab, and Lethal Uppercuts.

Unlock: Burger King Trainer

Beat the Burger King event in Career Mode. Then, while at the Trainer Selection screen, press Down until the Burger King appears as an option.