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Samurai Warriors 4 Empires (PS3) Cheats & Tips

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  • A Bumper Crop (Bronze): Increase the Rice Yield for a single castle territory to its maximum level.
  • A Clever Strategy (Bronze): Capture a chain of enemy bases.
  • A Great Step Forward (Bronze): Conquer an enemy territory for the first time.
  • A Land United (Gold): Clear all Conquest Mode scenarios (excluding add-on scenarios).
  • A Little Help From My Friends (Bronze): Establish a Friend.
  • A Rapt Audience (Bronze): Unlock 25% of all events for viewing.
  • A Star is Born (Bronze): Create a custom character.
  • Back and Forth (Bronze): Unlock 50% of all events for viewing.
  • Dragon vs. Tiger (Bronze): Establish a Nemesis.
  • Fledgling Commander (Bronze): Obtain a formation for the first time.
  • Fledgling Tactician (Bronze): Obtain a Battlefield Tactic for the first time.
  • Future Architect (Bronze): Rebuild your home castle for the first time.
  • Just Juggling (Bronze): Achieve a combo count of 1,000 or more.
  • Just the Two of Us (Bronze): Establish a Spouse.
  • Master Builder (Silver): Build all the different types of castle.
  • Mercy is for the Weak (Bronze): Capture all of the enemy bases and win the battle.
  • Multitasker (Bronze): Increase Commerce for a single castle territory to its maximum level.
  • My Word is My Bond (Bronze): Establish a Sworn Ally.
  • New Age Conqueror (Bronze): Clear Genesis Mode.
  • One Man Army (Bronze): Achieve 1,000 K.O.s in a single battle.
  • Rise of the Guardians (Silver): Appoint Four Guardians of your house.
  • Star Gazing (Gold): Unlock all of the famous officers in the Archives.
  • The Land United (Silver): Unite the land in Conquest Mode for the first time.
  • The Next Generation (Bronze): Establish a Master and Protege relationship.
  • The Pages of History (Bronze): Create a scenario in Genesis Mode.
  • The Quality of Mercy (Bronze): Complete a scenario without executing anybody.
  • The Tales of History (Silver): Unlock 100% of all events for viewing.
  • Through Thick and Thin (Bronze): Establish a Retainer.
  • Unassailable (Bronze): Increase Defense for a single castle territory to its maximum level.
  • Unparalleled Commander (Silver): Obtain all of the formations.
  • Unparalleled Tactician (Silver): Obtain all of the Battlefield Tactics.
  • Unrivaled Warrior (Platinum): Obtain all of the trophies.
  • Worthy Rivals (Bronze): Establish a Rival.