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Assault Android Cactus (PS4) Cheats & Tips

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  • Androids Assemble (Bronze): Play as 8 Androids.
  • Art Connoisseur (Bronze): Unlock all items in the Art Gallery.
  • Assault Android Awesome (Gold): Earn an S+ ranking on all campaign levels.
  • Blast Processing (Bronze): Activate an EX Option.
  • Centre of Mass (Bronze): Destroy an enemy with Helo while it's caught by a Singularity.
  • Chain Gang (Gold): Reach a chain of 1000.
  • Chain Reaction (Bronze): Cause 3 mines to explode in succession without being shot.
  • Collateral Damage (Bronze): Destroy 3 enemies by driving another enemy through them with the Giga Drill.
  • Credits To Burn (Bronze): Unlock any item that costs credits.
  • Everything's Cactus (Gold): Destroy 15,000 homicidal robots.
  • Garden Pruning (Silver): Defeat Hydroponics Controller Vespula.
  • I Am Become Death (Gold): Complete Boss Rush mode.
  • I Do This Kind Of Thing All The Time (Platinum): Unlock all trophies.
  • Maximum Overdrive (Silver): Collect every Battery dropped in the Showdown level.
  • No Hold Will Hold Me (Silver): Defeat Production Overlord Embryo.
  • Nothing But Net (Bronze): Drop a cannonball down the hole in Filament.
  • Opportunity Cost (Silver): Unlock all items in EX Options.
  • Out Of Your Depth (Gold): Reach layer 25 in Infinity Drive mode.
  • Perfection (Silver): Earn an S+ rank on any level.
  • Poor Atmosphere (Silver): Defeat Superstructure Engineer Venom.
  • Prison Break (Bronze): Destroy every laser fence In Justice's first phase.
  • Scrambled Eggs (Silver): Defeat one of Embryo's phases before he can relocate.
  • Security Breach (Silver): Defeat Security Administrator Justice.
  • Seven At One Blow (Bronze): Destroy seven enemies with a single Rail Gun shot.
  • Stop Shooting Yourself (Silver): Lead the laser turret to defeat Medulla.
  • To Cross The Void (Gold): Rescue the Genki Star.
  • Untouchable (Silver): Finish any level without taking damage.
  • We Have To Go Deeper (Silver): Reach Layer 15 in Infinity Drive mode.
  • Weak Link (Bronze): Reach a chain of 100.
  • Well Read (Bronze): Unlock all items in the Codex.