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Broken Sword 5: The Serpent's Curse (PS4) Cheats & Tips

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  • Balance (Bronze): Have a dream.
  • Best buddies (Gold): Chatted to the goat.
  • Bons Hommes (Bronze): Found the route the fleeing Cathars took.
  • Boogie Nights (Bronze): Danced with Bijou.
  • Brand is Everything (Bronze): Helped Bassam to name his business.
  • Breaking the Seal (Bronze): Sent Moue to the bathroom.
  • Chasing your Tail (Bronze): Discovered the Ouroboros.
  • Count Leo has the Answer (Bronze): Opened Medovsky's secret drawer.
  • Cry Havoc! (Bronze): Let slip the goats of war.
  • CSI: Deluded (Bronze): Fixed the forensic machine.
  • Diamond Geezer (Bronze): Cut your way out of the office.
  • Fountain of Youth (Bronze): Presented the Manneken Pis to Moue.
  • Gravity Depravity (Bronze): Got rid of the guards blocking your path.
  • Hidden Goat (Silver): Found the hidden goat.
  • Hot Wire (Bronze): Got the cable car working.
  • I Call It The Dreamatorium (Bronze): Won a battle in your own mind.
  • Ink Trail (Bronze): Spotted the murderer's tattoo.
  • Joey (Silver): Found all hidden Joeys.
  • Local Call (Gold): Chilled out to Radio Yorkshire (As Nico at Castell del Sants, enter the old car by the mirror and use your press card on the radio)
  • No Parlo el Catala (Bronze): Decrypted Hobbs' map.
  • Notorious P.U.G (Gold): Found all the hidden pugs in the neighbour's apartment.
  • Oh my God it's a Mirage! (Bronze): Found evidence of sabotage.
  • Order of the Goat (Gold): Outwitted the goat.
  • Philosophy 101 (Bronze): Persuaded Shears to help you.
  • Roll 'em Up (Bronze): Opened the shutter to Vera Security.
  • Russian Evolution (Bronze): Discovered Medovsky's address.
  • Suited and Fluted (Bronze): Spilt champagne on Laine.
  • Super-Charged Potpourri (Silver): Nearly made Pearl faint with heavenly delight.
  • The Mystery Deepens (Gold): Completed Part 1
  • The Truth to the Grave (Silver): Found the Tablet of Truth.
  • Ultimate Adventurer (Platinum): Tracked down all trophies.
  • Water of Life (Bronze): Got Hobbs drunk.
  • What Just Happened There? (Gold): Saved the world!
  • X Marks the Spot (Bronze): Discovered the hiding place of Tabula Veritatis.