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Coffin Dodgers (PS4) Cheats & Tips

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  • Retirement (Platinum): Collect all Coffin Dodgers trophies.
  • My Kart Is Augmented (Bronze): Buy an upgrade.
  • We Can Rebuild Him (Silver): Fully upgrade a single kart aspect.
  • Million Dollar Granddad (Silver): Fully upgrade your kart.
  • GrimAced (Bronze): Win your first race.
  • During The War... (Bronze): Run over an opponent's fallen body.
  • Technophobic (Silver): Use an EMP 20 times successfully.
  • Feeling Lucky? (Silver): Hose 20 oldies with the Uzi.
  • Am I Missing An Eyebrow? (Silver): Expertly explode 20 pensioners with the use of a rocket.
  • Slick Moves Like Jagger (Silver): Slip up 20 people's Sunday drive with some oil.
  • Luckily My Shield Will Protect Me (Silver): Successfully use a shield to block 20 attacks.
  • Gone In Many Seconds (Silver): Boost without crashing 20 times.
  • He Was A Skater Boy (Silver): Knock 5 skaters off the road.
  • Paperboy The Hard Way (Silver): Run over 5 bikers.
  • Death Defier (Gold): Get gold in all races in the village.
  • Death Derider (Gold): Get gold in all races in the town.
  • Death Despiser (Gold): Get gold in all races in the farm.
  • Death Defiler (Gold): Get gold in all races in the graveyard.
  • Death Decider (Gold): Get gold in all races in the showdown.
  • Sweep (Bronze): Get 1 Crazy Granddad item.
  • Batteries not Included (Bronze): Get taken out by a UFO laser.
  • One Foot in the Grave (Gold): Complete story mode.
  • 6 Feet Under (Gold): Complete story mode as The Grim Reaper.