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Divekick (PS4) Cheats & Tips

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  • A Real Headache (Gold): Win a ranked match by getting TOTAL DOMINATION.
  • Body Builder (Bronze): Play 1000 matches in VS mode.
  • Choked Out (Bronze): Choke detect an opponent in a ranked match.
  • Dat Triple (Bronze): Get a triple S ranking in a ranked match.
  • Found a Fraud (Bronze): Fraud detect an opponent in a ranked match.
  • Grinder Supreme (Bronze): Play 2000 ranked matches.
  • I Have My Reasons (Bronze): Beat story mode with one character.
  • No Skills Needed (Bronze): Win a ranked match without using any special moves.
  • Not a Factor (Bronze): Win a ranked match without activating Kickfactor.
  • Perfection (Bronze): Beat story mode using the YOLO gem.
  • Plot Matters (Silver): Beat story mode with all characters.
  • Real Divekicker (Bronze): Play 500 ranked matches.
  • Reversal of Fortune (Silver): Knock out an opponent who is in Kickfactor while you are concussed in a ranked match.
  • You Only Live Once (Bronze): Win a ranked match using the YOLO gem.