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  • A Cactus with a porpoise (Bronze): Help Cactus get a dolphin.
  • And how does that make you feel? (Bronze): Complete 25 quiz asteroids.
  • Dear QT3, (Bronze): Read a letter from any character.
  • Enough about me... (Bronze): Discover all the preferences of a single character.
  • Family Reunion (Silver): Unlock the story ending.
  • Hello world... again (Bronze): Greet 50 different characters.
  • It's all my fault (Bronze): Knock 30 characters down with World Tilts!
  • Just like a real boy (Gold): Get green checks for all goals and presents on all planets in the full game.
  • Lay down on the couch (Bronze): Get your quiz evaluation from Dr. Therapist.
  • Nothing up my sleeve (Silver): Collect 250 summonables.
  • Out standing in his field (Bronze): Help Scarecrow throw a party for Persephone.
  • Shut up and take my bunny! (Bronze): Use up dust bunnies (Reach zero bunnies).
  • There's no place like home (Bronze): Place a decoration on your home planet.
  • You're just a love machine... (Bronze): Blow kisses to 20 different characters.