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Downwell (PS4) Cheats & Tips

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  • Bye Frogs (Silver): Beat the first area.
  • Bye Ghosts (Silver): Beat the second area.
  • Bye Squids (Silver): Beat the third area
  • Bye Stuff (Silver): Beat the fourth area.
  • Bye Well (Silver): Beat the boss.
  • Careful Descent (Bronze): Complete a level without taking damage.
  • Clean Boots (Gold): Complete an area without landing.
  • Done Well (Platinum): Completed all other trophies.
  • Frugality (Gold): Have more than 5000 gems.
  • Ground Allergy (Silver): Complete a level without landing.
  • Masterful Descent (Silver): Complete an area without taking damage.
  • Mottainai (Bronze): Complete a level without shooting.
  • Pacifist (Silver): Complete a level without killing any enemy.
  • Saving Up (Silver): Have more than 3000 gems.
  • So Many Frogs (Gold): Beat the first area (hard mode).
  • So Many Ghosts (Gold): Beat the second area (hard mode).
  • So Many Squids (Gold): Beat the third area (hard mode).
  • So Much Stuff (Gold): Beat the fourth area (hard mode).
  • Sugoi Combo (Silver): Land a 100 combo.
  • Time Never Stops (Bronze): Complete a level without visiting siderooms.
  • Well Master (Gold): Beat the boss (hard mode).
  • Whoa Combo (Bronze): Land a 30 combo.
  • Wow Combo (Bronze): Land a 10 combo.