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Dragon Age: Inquisition (PS4) Cheats & Tips

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Cheat: Bonus Crafting Materials

While at a merchant, select the item you want to duplicate and hit SELL and SELL ALL at the same time.

Tip: Quick Gold

With any character, select to Gather Coins at the War Table. Then exit the game, change your clock forward 1 hr, and resume the game. 

Tip: Easier climbing

Follow your AI companions that are AI-controlled, as they will typically take the quicker route, and you can always switch to that character if desired.

Glitch: Infinite Chest Loot

When you loot a chest, don't take all items. Then, travel to a different area and come back to the chest to find new loot.
(Note: Glitches may be patched in future versions of the game)