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Driveclub Bikes (PS4) Cheats & Tips

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  • Any Takers? (Bronze): Send a Solo bike Challenge to 10 or more players.
  • Aperture Science (Silver): Use Photo Mode for a cumulative period of 1 hour (Bikes Only).
  • Bike Curious (Bronze): Unlock your first bike.
  • Canada Trophy (Gold): Win the Canada Trophy Championship Event in tour.
  • Challenge Accepted (Gold): In Time Trial, complete Sinclair Pass in 01:28.500 or less with the Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R 30th Anniversary Edition.
  • Chile Trophy (Silver): Win the Chile Trophy Championship Event in tour.
  • Community Service (Bronze): Participate in an Evolution bike Challenge.
  • Half a Dozen (Silver): Unlock your fourth bike.
  • Hoarder (Silver): Unlock your seventh bike.
  • I'll Save That For Later (Gold): Save a Multiplayer Replay at the end of a Race after finishing on the podium with 6 or more competitors (Bikes Only).
  • India Trophy (Bronze): Win the India Trophy Championship Event in tour.
  • Japan Trophy (Bronze): Win the Japan Trophy Championship Event in tour.
  • Nice Leathers (Bronze): Customize your rider.
  • Norway Trophy (Bronze): Win the Norway Trophy Championship Event in tour.
  • One for the Collection (Bronze): Save a Replay at the end of an Event (Bikes Only).
  • Pristine Leathers (Silver): Complete a 5 lap Race or longer without falling off your bike.
  • Saddle Sore (Silver): Max out one bike to Level 15.
  • Scotland Trophy (Silver): Win the Scotland Trophy Championship Event in tour.
  • Serious Collector (Gold): Unlock your tenth bike.
  • Skills School (Bronze): Using Single Event, setup and complete a Skill Event.
  • Speed Demon (Bronze): Win your first Speed Check Face-Off.
  • Star Power (Bronze): Complete a bike Tour Event with the maximum number of available stars.
  • Super biker (Platinum): Unlock all other trophies.
  • Take The Stabilisers Off (Bronze): Complete your first Event on a bike.
  • Tourist Trophy (Gold): Gain all stars in the bike Tour.
  • Unconventional Overtake (Gold): Successfully overtake a competitor whilst performing a Stoppie.
  • Weekend Warrior (Gold): Max out all 12 bikes to Level 15.
  • Wheelie Good (Silver): Do a Wheelie for a distance of 500m or more.