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Eve: Valkyrie (PS4) Cheats & Tips

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  • Aerial Arsenal (Gold): Crafted all Heavy, Support & Fighter ships.
  • Boost Management (Bronze): Set a lap time below 60 seconds in Fighter training.
  • Born Survivor (Silver): Survived until wave 10 on any Pro Survival map.
  • Call The Doctor (Silver): Crafted all Support ships.
  • Control Freak (Silver): Won 50 PVP battles of Control.
  • Death Metal (Bronze): Collected 100 component salvage.
  • Drone Strike (Bronze): Destroyed 100 enemy drones.
  • Dye Fighter (Bronze): Purchased and applied a Paint Job to any Ship.
  • Flight School (Bronze): Completed all training modules.
  • Full Deck (Bronze): Started a PVP battle with all 3 ship classes to hand.
  • Giant Slayer (Silver): Won 50 PVP battles of Carrier Assault.
  • Goosed (Bronze): Lost a Team Deathmatch or Control battle with 1 clone remaining.
  • Graduation Day (Bronze): Reached rank 10.
  • Half A Legend (Silver): Reached rank 25.
  • Heavy Metal (Silver): Crafted all Heavy ships.
  • Inner Beauty (Bronze): Purchased and applied a Cockpit to any Ship.
  • Master And Commander (Gold): Reached rank 50.
  • Maverick (Silver): Won 50 PVP battles of Team Deathmatch.
  • Metal Detective (Bronze): Collected all Salvage in all Scout mode maps.
  • Nightingale (Silver): Earned 10,000 points from charging friendly shields.
  • Peacock (Gold): Placed top in 10 PVP battles.
  • Quantum Leap (Bronze): Completed the Recall mission Esmes III.
  • Reboot & Rewind (Bronze): Completed the Recall mission Station 27.
  • Red Leader (Bronze): Won a PVP battle as a squad leader.
  • Ride of the Valkyrie (Platinum): Collected all the EVE: Valkyrie trophies.
  • Shield Of Steel (Bronze): Destroyed 100 enemy missiles using countermeasures.
  • Shopaholic (Silver): Purchased 25 cosmetic items.
  • Stay Frosty (Bronze): Disabled 50 enemy ships with EMS shots.
  • Sting Like A Bee (Silver): Crafted all Fighter ships.
  • Sweet Loot (Gold): Collected 100 prime salvage.
  • Tactical Mind (Bronze): Owns all 4 launch tubes.
  • Thar She Blows (Silver): Delivered the killshot to 3 cores in Carrier Assault.
  • Transfer Complete (Bronze): Purchased and applied a Decal to any Ship.
  • Voices From Beyond (Bronze): Discovered all Echoes in all Scout mode maps.