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Fallout 4 (PS4) Cheats & Tips

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Unlimited flamethrower ammo

Enter VATS with the flamethrower, select a target, and press to X activate it. While holding the Fire button, press Circle. This will allow you to keep shooting without using ammo.

Unlimited Purchases

Locate a vendor that sells all ammo types. Select to purchase all rounds of one type of ammo, but do not actually confirm the purchase. Select to sell back 1 round of the ammo you just bought, but do not confirm. Then select to sell back all remaining rounds and confirm this time. The one round you did NOT trade back will stay with you. Repeat this process to take all ammo of a given type.

Unlimited XP from picking locks

Locate a safe that can be picked that is located near a terminal that can be hacked. Repeat the process of picking the safe, hacking the terminal, re-locking the safe repeatedly to accumulate XP each time.

Glitch: Survive Long Falls

If you are falling to your death, just save the game. When you load that saved game file you will land safely.

Hints/How to get a Cryogun

Find Dogmeat and bring him near the case of Vault 111. Use the Fetch command to select the item option. He'll grab a gun for you and drop it so you can add it to your inventory.

Cheat/Glitch: Unlimited Settlement

Drop all your extra weapons on the group while you're at a settlement. Enter Workshop mode and select the option to store the weapons in a workbench. The game will glitch and think it has increased space. Return to the workbench to add the items back to your inventory. Repeat as many times as needed.


  • ...The Harder They Fall (Bronze): Kill 5 Giant Creatures.
  • ...They're Action Figures (Silver): Collect 20 Vault-Tec Bobbleheads.
  • Ad Victoriam (Silver): Complete "Ad Victoriam".
  • Animal Control (Bronze): Kill 300 Creatures.
  • Armed and Dangerous (Silver): Create 50 Weapon Mods.
  • Benevolent Leader (Bronze): Reach Maximum Happiness in a Large Settlement.
  • Blind Betrayal (Bronze): Complete "Blind Betrayal".
  • Born Survivor (Bronze): Reach Level 5.
  • Commonwealth Citizen (Bronze): Reach Level 10.
  • Community Organizer (Bronze): Ally with 3 Settlements.
  • Dangerous Minds (Bronze): Complete "Dangerous Minds".
  • Fix-Er-Upper (Bronze): Build 100 Workshop Items.
  • Future Retro (Bronze): Play a Holotape Game.
  • Gun-For-Hire (Silver): Complete 10 Side Quests.
  • Homerun! (Bronze): Get a Homerun.
  • Hunter/Hunted (Bronze): Complete "Hunter/Hunted".
  • Institutionalized (Bronze): Complete "Institutionalized".
  • Legend Of The Wastes (Silver): Reach Level 50.
  • Lovable (Bronze): Reach Maximum Relationship Level with a Companion.
  • Mankind-Redefined (Bronze): Complete "Mankind-Redefined".
  • Masshole (Bronze): Kill 300 People.
  • Mercenary (Silver): Complete 50 Misc. Objectives.
  • Never Go It Alone (Bronze): Recruit 5 Separate Companions.
  • Nuclear Family (Silver): Complete "Nuclear Family".
  • Old Guns (Silver): Complete "Old Guns".
  • Platinum Trophy (Platinum): Collect all other 50 Trophies for this trophy.
  • Powering Up (Bronze): Complete "Powering Up".
  • Prankster's Return (Bronze): Placed A Grenade Or Mine While Pickpocketing.
  • Prepared for the Future (Gold): Decide the Fate of the Commonwealth.
  • Print's Not Dead (Bronze): Read 20 Magazines.
  • Ranger Corps (Silver): Discover 100 Locations.
  • Reunions (Bronze): Complete "Reunions".
  • RobCo's Worst Nightmare (Silver): Hack 50 Terminals.
  • Rockets' Red Glare (Silver): Complete "Rockets' Red Glare".
  • Sanctuary (Bronze): Complete "Sanctuary".
  • Scavver (Bronze): Gather 1000 Resources Used For Crafting.
  • Semper Invicta (Bronze): Join the Brotherhood of Steel.
  • Taking Independence (Bronze): Complete "Taking Independence".
  • The First Step (Bronze): Join the Minutemen.
  • The Molecular Level (Bronze): Complete "The Molecular Level".
  • The Nuclear Option (Silver): Complete "The Nuclear Option".
  • They're Not Dolls... (Bronze): Collect 10 Vault-Tec Bobbleheads.
  • Touchdown! (Bronze): Get a Touchdown.
  • Tradecraft (Bronze): Join the Railroad.
  • Underground Undercover (Bronze): Complete "Underground Undercover".
  • Unlikely Valentine (Bronze): Complete "Unlikely Valentine".
  • Unstoppable Wanderer (Silver): Reach Level 25.
  • War Never Changes (Bronze): Enter The Wasteland.
  • Wasteland D.I.Y. (Silver): Craft 100 Items.
  • What's Yours Is Mine (Silver): Pick 50 Locks.
  • When Freedom Calls (Bronze): Complete "When Freedom Calls".