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Flame Over (PS4) Cheats & Tips

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  • Back from the Dead (Bronze): Revive a fallen person with the Defibrillator.
  • Clear the Air (Bronze): Complete the 'Gas Leak' Mission.
  • Disposable Income (Silver): Throw 100 Water Bombs.
  • Do You Have an Appointment? (Silver): Reach the Executive level.
  • Every Little Helps (Bronze): Buy a stat upgrade.
  • Fast Worker (Gold): Complete the game in under 1 hour.
  • Feline Patrol (Bronze): Rescue a Cat.
  • Fight the Power (Bronze): Cut the power to a level using a fuse board room.
  • Fireproof (Gold): Complete the game, saving all people without any of them being downed by fire.
  • Foam Frenzy (Bronze): Complete a level only using the Extinguisher.
  • Fry, Fry and Fry Again (Silver): Die one hundred times.
  • Hacktivist (Bronze): Complete the 'Data Protection' Mission.
  • Hard Hat Required (Silver): Reach the Factory level.
  • Hasta La Vista (Bronze): Complete the 'Employment Terminated' Mission.
  • Hose Havoc (Bronze): Complete a level only using the Hose.
  • I Am the God of Hell Fire (Platinum): Unlock all trophies.
  • I Have Detailed Files (Bronze): Complete the 'Paper Chase' Mission.
  • Illegal Aliens (Bronze): Complete the 'The Truth is In Here' Mission.
  • Job Seeker (Bronze): Rescue Miss Ion.
  • L-Plates (Bronze): Complete a Stage.
  • Lost and Found (Bronze): Complete the 'Lost Property' Mission.
  • Memory Master (Bronze): Complete the 'Missile Memory' Mission.
  • Miss Ion Complete (Silver): Complete all Missions in a single game session.
  • No Man Left Behind (Gold): Complete the game saving all Cats, all People and completing all Missions.
  • Outta Time (Bronze): Complete a Level with 0 seconds left on the clock.
  • Perfect Conditioning (Gold): Upgrade all player stats fully.
  • Please Wash Your Hands (Silver): Reach the Laboratory level.
  • Safe Hands (Bronze): Complete the 'Safe Cracker' Mission.
  • Stock Issues (Silver): Buy one of every powerup.
  • The Hard Way (Gold): Complete the game without buying any powerups.
  • Time to Go (Bronze): Rescue a Worker.
  • You Did It! (Silver): Complete the game.