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Flockers (PS4) Cheats & Tips

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  • Air burst (Silver): Explode 2 sheep while they are in the air at the same time.
  • Bespoke winner (Bronze): Complete any level with a customised sheep.
  • Bleederboards (Bronze): Look at what you've hurt.
  • Boss slayer (Silver): Three star 2 boss levels.
  • Caught in a mosh (Silver): Get 20 punk sheep moshing together.
  • Cream of the flock (Gold): Three star everything.
  • Dead again (Gold): Kill 500 zombie sheep.
  • Doing great (Silver): Three star every level from the first theme.
  • Ewe go boom (Gold): Blow up 999 sheep.
  • Fashion warrior (Gold): Try out 10 different styles of sheep (blood included).
  • Found it (Bronze): Unlock a secret level.
  • Four Friends (Bronze): Get 4 sheep into the exit at once within 1 second.
  • Get in! (Gold): Get 20 sheep into the exit at once within 1 second.
  • Good as gold (Silver): Collect 20 golden fleeces.
  • Halfway to perfection (Gold): Collect 30 golden fleeces.
  • Just the start (Bronze): Complete the first 3 levels.
  • Keep a secret (Gold): Find and unlock all the secret bonus levels.
  • Soft landing (Silver): Save 100 sheep from fall damage by landing on something soft.
  • Total Flocker (Platinum): Earn every trophy.
  • Winner (Gold): Complete every level (including bonus levels).
  • Woolly jumper (Silver): Have 20 sheep jump at the same time.