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Gauntlet: Slayer Edition (PS4) Cheats & Tips

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Unlock Trophies:

Accomplished Master (Bronze) : Receive 10000 Cumulative Damage as the Wizard.

As Luck Would Have It... (Bronze) : Destroy 800 Props with one hero.

Besting the Beast of Orox (Bronze) : Kill the Boss of the Caves.

Bombardier (Silver) : Kill 12000 Monsters with Elf Weapon Abilities.

Cave Crusher (Bronze) : Finish all Caves Levels on Hard.

Crypt Kicker (Bronze) : Finish all Crypt Levels on Hard.

Cultist Slayer (Silver) : Kill 15000 Cultists with one hero.

Demon Slayer (Silver) : Kill 15000 Demons with one hero.

Dropper of Crowns (Bronze) : Drop the Crown 200 times with one hero.

Dying for a Living (Bronze) : Die 100 times with one hero.

Eating off the Floor (Silver) : Destroy the Food 500 times with one hero.

Embracing the End (Bronze) : Die by taking Area Damage from an Explosive Barrel that you are Carrying.

Eye for an Eye (Bronze) : Block 100 projectiles with Shield Block - Valkyrie.

Flamewalker (Silver) : Kill 8000 Monsters with Fire Spells.

Formidable Fortune (Silver) : Destroy 5000 Props with one hero.

Frostweaver (Silver) : Kill 8000 Monsters while they are Frozen or Chilled.

Furious Charge (Bronze) : Tackle 500 Monsters using Rush - Warrior.

Grunt Slayer (Silver) : Kill 15000 Grunts with one hero.

Hardened Champion (Bronze) : Receive 15000 Cumulative Damage as the Warrior.

Heir of Valhalla (Bronze) : Receive 12000 Cumulative Damage as the Valkyrie.

Heroic Hunger (Bronze) : Eat food equal to 6000 health in total with one hero.

I've not seen such bravery! (Platinum) : Finish all Trophies in Gauntletâ„¢.

Lich Slayer (Silver) : Kill 50 Liches with one hero.

Morak Defeated (Bronze) : Kill the Boss of the Temple.

Mummy Slayer (Silver) : Kill 15000 Mummies with one hero.

Mysteries of the Elf-folk (Bronze) : Receive 10000 Cumulative Damage as the Elf.

Orc Slayer (Silver) : Kill 15000 Orcs with one hero.

Precision Strike (Bronze) : Kill 500 Monsters with Magic Arrow or Sniper Shot - Elf.

Skeleton Slayer (Silver) : Kill 15000 Skeletons with one hero.

Slayer (Gold) : Kill 50000 Monsters with one hero.

Spider Queen Slayer (Silver) : Kill 50 Spider Queens with one hero.

Stormcaller (Silver) : Kill 8000 Monsters with Lightning Spells.

Temple Toppler (Bronze) : Finish all Lava Levels on Hard.

The Captain's Special (Silver) : Kill 12000 Monsters with Valkyrie Weapon Abilities.

The Undeath of Khamun (Bronze) : Kill the Boss of the Crypts.

We need to go Deeper (Bronze) : Survive from floor 1 to floor 10 in Endless Mode.

We need to go Deeper (Gold) : Survive from floor 1 to floor 50 in Endless Mode.

We need to go Deeper (Silver) : Survive from floor 1 to floor 25 in Endless Mode.

Whirling Death (Silver) : Kill 12000 Monsters with Warrior Weapon Abilities.