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Hand of Fate (PS4) Cheats & Tips

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  • Adventurer (Silver): Complete the first 3 levels of a play session, without taking any damage.
  • Arch Mage (Silver): Equip all the Mage items at once.
  • Bling (Bronze): Have 10 rings in your inventory at once.
  • Champion (Silver): Kill one of each monster type in a single session.
  • Close Shave (Bronze): Win a combat with less than 5 health remaining.
  • Combat Ready (Bronze): Have at least 1 of each type of equipment in your inventory.
  • Corrupted (Bronze): Complete all 6 Demon Trader encounters.
  • Dragon Slayer (Gold): Equip all the Dragon Relic items at once.
  • Drained (Bronze): Complete all 6 Blood Auction encounters.
  • Dungeon Master (Gold): Defeat the Dealer.
  • Games Master (Platinum): Collect all trophies.
  • Humbled (Bronze): Complete all 6 Charity encounters.
  • Hunter (Bronze): Land the killing blow on 10 enemies with a trap.
  • Juggernaut (Silver): Possess 150 or more health.
  • King of the Undead (Silver): Equip all the Skeleton King items at once.
  • Master Combatant (Silver): Complete 3 combats in a single run, without taking any damage.
  • Master of Traps (Bronze): Bash 5 enemies into traps in a single session.
  • Ninja (Bronze): Kill an enemy with their own reflected projectile.
  • Pure Enlightenment (Bronze): Possess 10 Blessings at once.
  • Quick Reflexes (Silver): Reflect 100 projectiles over multiple play sessions.
  • Release the Lava Golems! (Bronze): Complete the Fire in the Deep encounter.
  • Release the Lich! (Bronze): Complete the Lich encounter.
  • Release the Mages! (Bronze): Complete the Mages encounter.
  • Release the Minotaur! (Bronze): Complete the Minotaur encounter.
  • Slayer (Bronze): Perform 2 prone attacks in a row.
  • Squire (Bronze): Complete the first level of a play session, without taking any damage.
  • Very Brave or Very Stupid (Bronze): Enter a combat with less than 5 health remaining.
  • Very Lucky (Bronze): Get 15 'Success' or 'Huge Success' chance cards in a single session.
  • Very Unlucky (Bronze): Get 12 'Failure' or 'Huge Failure' chance cards in a single session.
  • Wealthy Lord (Gold): Possess 200 or more gold.
  • Well Equipped (Gold): Unlock every equipment card.
  • Well Supplied (Silver): Possess 120 or more food.
  • Well Travelled (Gold): Unlock every encounter card.
  • Wretched Soul (Silver): Possess 10 Curses at once.