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Ironclad Tactics (PS4) Cheats & Tips

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  • Gone Native (Bronze): Win "Mojave Desert" with a deck using only the "Native" faction.
  • Historical Preservationist (Bronze): Win "The North Lawn" without the Jefferson statue being destroyed.
  • Iron Pacifist (Bronze): Win "Baldwin Logging Camp" without attacking with ironclad weapons.
  • Legendary Steam Engineer (Gold): Complete the campaign on NG+ difficulty.
  • Making History (Bronze): Embrace the future!
  • Passive Aggressive (Bronze): Win "North Boulevard" after scoring 8 VP with the mortar.
  • Puzzle Master (Silver): Solve all of the puzzles in the campaign.
  • Rage Against the Machine (Bronze): Destroy the warehouse sentry.
  • San Brutal Mountain (Bronze): Win "San Bruno Mountain" on NG+ difficulty.
  • Senior Steam Engineer (Silver): Complete the campaign on normal difficulty.
  • Service à la Française (Bronze): Win "The State Dining Room" on NG+ difficulty.
  • The Cow Came Home (Bronze): Win "Madame Millie's Ranch" after scoring at least 1 VP with a cow.
  • With Flying Colors (Bronze): Win "Factory-Fort Endicott" after holding both flags for at least one turn.