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KickBeat: Special Edition (PS4) Cheats & Tips

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  • A True Master (Bronze): Complete all tracks with 5 stars on Master difficulty.
  • All Day Long (Bronze): Survive 18 tracks in a row in Survival mode.
  • Black Belt (Bronze): Reach a total of 75 stars on any difficulty.
  • Fists of the Black Lotus (Bronze): Complete a playlist of at least 30 minutes in Freeplay on Master difficulty.
  • Grandmaster (Gold): Unlock all other trophies.
  • It's All in the Mind (Bronze): Reach a combo chain of 500 on Expert or Master difficulty.
  • Knew Metal (Bronze): Earn red stars on both "Boom" and "Last Resort."
  • Lee's Story (Bronze): Complete Lee's Story on any difficulty.
  • Master of Missiles (Bronze): Complete the Helicopter Fight without getting hit on Hard or higher difficulty.
  • Mei's Story (Bronze): Complete Mei's Story on any difficulty.
  • Pure Perfection (Bronze): Complete a story track with only perfect hits on Master difficulty.
  • Quick as Lightning (Bronze): Complete the Mercenary Chief without getting hit on Normal or higher difficulty.
  • The Legend (Silver): Counter the incoming attack of 50000 enemies.
  • The One (Bronze): Complete the final battle without getting hit on Expert or Master difficulty.
  • Unlikely Survivor (Bronze): Finish a track in Survival mode after starting with less than 10% health.