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Kromaia Omega (PS4) Cheats & Tips

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  • Ace Of Lightspades (Silver): Unlock the Psi Armor.
  • Breaking The Claw (Silver): Defeat Argos.
  • Chaining Is My Business (Silver): Achieve a x100 hit combo.
  • Cosmic Dance End (Silver): Defeat Orion.
  • Fade To White (Gold): Complete the game.
  • Give Me My Bullets (Bronze): Unlock the Alpha Armor.
  • I'm In For The Kill (Bronze): Score 25,000 In Score Attack Mode.
  • Keeper of the 12 Keys (Gold): Obtain every treasure.
  • Master Of Realities (Silver): Clear every dimension.
  • No Prayer Without Dying (Gold): Completed Pure Mode.
  • Playing With Fire (Silver): Unlock the Mu Armor.
  • Rider On The Worm (Bronze): Defeat Vermis.
  • Space Bound Ricochet (Bronze): Unlock the Tau Armor.
  • Squid Row (Bronze): Defeat Teuthus.
  • Staying Hungry (Silver): Score 50,000 In Score Attack Mode.
  • The Number Of The Best (Platinum): You're a true conqueror of worlds.
  • Third Evening In Scoreland (Gold): Score 100,000 In Score Attack Mode.