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Lumo (PS4) Cheats & Tips

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  • "I can see my house fro... no, wait, I can't." (Bronze): Collect the Agility Orb.
  • "Will you start the fans, please!" (Bronze): Start the fan in the Orb Maze.
  • *Hashtag RCFF* (Silver): Collect the #RCFF.
  • Bounder (Silver): Bounce to the end with 110 seconds (or more) remaining.
  • Bub 'N Bob (Bronze): Fly the bubble from one end to the other without dying.
  • Cerny Method (Silver): Roll to the end with 105 seconds (or more) remaining.
  • Dicey (Silver): Clear the dice with 60 seconds (or more) remaining.
  • Drop The Kids Off... (Bronze): Flush the Loo.
  • Duck Hunt (Gold): Collect all 32 ducks without dying while holding a duck.
  • Eddie the Eagle (Bronze): Get all coins and hit all gates without dying on the ski run.
  • Full Price (Silver): Collect all of the coins.
  • Gimme A D! (Bronze): Collect the bonus D in the Warp Zone.
  • Gimme A T! (Bronze): Collect the bonus T in the Warp Zone.
  • Gimme An E! (Bronze): Collect the first bonus E in the Warp Zone.
  • Gimme An N! (Bronze): Collect the bonus N in the Warp Zone.
  • Gimme An X! (Bronze): Collect the bonus X in the Warp Zone.
  • Gimme Another E! (Bronze): Collect the second bonus E in the Warp Zone.
  • Kiss Chase (Bronze): Get the Love Box to follow you for 50 metres without stopping.
  • Manic Mining (Bronze): Collect all of the coins in the Mine without dying.
  • Mean Machines (Bronze): Fail to get any of the Warp Zone bonus letters.
  • Mmmm, rPI (Silver): Collect the rPI.
  • Multiface II: Judgment Day (Silver): Collect the Multiface.
  • Old Skool Daze! (Gold): Complete the game in Old School Mode.
  • Operation Cat (Bronze): Don't hit the Nipper.
  • Ordnance Surveyor (Bronze): Collect all the map pages.
  • Pogo (Silver): Get to the top with 60 seconds (or more) remaining.
  • Qbrill (Bronze): Paint the floor without missing a spot.
  • Quackers (Bronze): Collect all 32 Ducks - any way, any how.
  • SD Or Not SD? (Silver): Collect the SD Card.
  • The Games Machine (Silver): Collect all of the Warp Zone bonus letters.
  • The Hat Is Back! (Bronze): Get to the end of the Rolling Ball corridor first time without dying.
  • Ultimate Played The Game (Platinum): Wait, you got all the trophies? You didn't cheat, did you?
  • Who ya gonna call? (Bronze): Kill all the Ghosts without dying.
  • You Can't Beat A Bit Of Bully (Bronze): Hit the bullseye with the Boing Gun.
  • Zax On, Zax Off (Silver): Collect 110 Zzap 64 logos.