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Mercenary Kings (PS4) Cheats & Tips

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  • Baron Bashing (Silver): Defeat Commander Byron Baron once.
  • Blastfighter (Bronze): Complete a mission with all parts of the SWAT-12 shotgun equipped.
  • Cold Hearted (Bronze): Complete No Negotiation without saving any hostages.
  • Coronation (Gold): Clear all missions of the game.
  • Craftsmanship (Gold): Craft over 100 knives and 300 gun parts.
  • Decorator (Gold): Craft 20 Ornaments and 20 Banners.
  • Denied (Bronze): Defeat a boss before it can escape.
  • Executioner (Bronze): Defeat over 1000 enemies.
  • Favorite (Silver): Clear all missions of any rank consecutively using the same gun parts.
  • Five-Star General (Silver): Reach the Five-Star General rank.
  • Foodie (Bronze): Activate all 14 food skills.
  • Grim Reaper (Bronze): Defeat over 10000 enemies.
  • Hoarder (Gold): Collect over 2000 materials.
  • Imperium (Platinum): Mandragora Island is now your dominion.
  • Is That A Knife (Silver): Defeat the Steel Soldier using only your knife.
  • Jack Of All Trades (Silver): Unlock all Proficiencies.
  • Liberator (Bronze): Rescue all 6 Kickstarter backer hostages.
  • Major Pain (Silver): Clear all Major rank missions without using Rations nor First-Aid kits.
  • Medic (Silver): Revive a teammate 10 times with the Adrenaline Shot.
  • Millionaire (Bronze): Earn over $1,000,000.
  • Pistol Pro (Silver): Clear all 10 Primary missions of the game with the Bolt 45.
  • Poacher (Bronze): Hunt over 250 animals.
  • Speed Runner (Gold): Beat the fastest time of all missions of the game.
  • The Bionic Merc (Silver): Craft all Bionic Mods.
  • Untouchable (Gold): Complete a mission in single player without getting hit.
  • World Hero (Gold): Defeat the final boss.