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MLB 15: The Show (PS4) Cheats & Tips

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  • #PitchersWhoRake: Hit a home run with a pitcher. and Home Run Derby modes. (Gold)
  • A Complete Game: Earn all of the MLB® 15 The Show Trophies. (Platinum)
  • A One, A Two...: Get three double plays in one game. (Silver)
  • Bruh: While pitching, give up a home run to the first batter of the game (inside-the-park HRs excluded). Excludes Practice, and Challenge Of The Week. (Silver)
  • Crushed It!: With a full swing, hit a fair ball that travels less than 13 feet. . Excludes Practice and Challenge Of The Week. (Bronze)
  • Cut. It. Out.: Use the new mid-flight cutoff feature while on defense. Excludes Community Challenges mode. (Bronze)
  • Don't Test Me: With any outfielder, throw out a runner at the plate. (Bronze)
  • Feel The Breeze: In a single inning, strike out 3 batters in a row with the same pitcher. (Silver)
  • Follow The Leader: While batting, successfully perform a double steal with runners on first and second. Hit & Runs will not count. (Bronze)
  • Good Eye: Perform a check swing on a ball just outside the strike zone. (Bronze)
  • Got Doubles?: While batting, hit back-to-back doubles. (Bronze)
  • Graveyard Shift: Use the new quick shift feature, while on defense, to successfully record an out. (Bronze)
  • Lucky: With any batter on offense, reach base on an error. (Bronze)
  • Nope: Successfully rob a home run. User cannot switch sides during game. Excludes Community Challenges mode. (Silver)
  • Sorry Kid: Catch a foul ball out of the field of play. User cannot switch sides during game. Excludes Community Challenges mode. (Silver)
  • Straight Paint: Complete a full game (extra innings included) without walking a batter from the opposing team. Must have the innings option set to 9 and and Quick C (Gold)
  • The "Me" In Team: In any game mode, total 7 RBIs with one player in a game. (Gold)
  • The Claw: While pitching, strike out 15 batters in a single game. and Quick Counts. (Gold)
  • The Creative Director: Influence a base hit with the directional hitting interface. (Bronze)