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Rogue Legacy (PS4) Cheats & Tips

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  • Atelophobia (Bronze): Choose a hero with no traits.
  • Aurophilia (Bronze): Open your very first gold chest.
  • Barophobia (Bronze): Use the special class at least once.
  • Bibliophilia (Bronze): Read the last journal entry.
  • Biophobia (Bronze): Die 20 times or more.
  • Cainotophilia (Bronze): Have one rune equipped in every item slot.
  • Coulrophilia (Silver): Beat one of the clown's games at least once.
  • Decidophobia (Silver): Put at least one point in every skill in the manor.
  • Disposophobia (Gold): Find all blueprints (purchase not necessary).
  • Ergophobia (Platinum): Earn every other trophy.
  • Geminiphobia (Gold): Beat the game... twice.
  • Gnosiophilia (Silver): Find all the runes (purchase not necessary).
  • Gymnophobia (Bronze): Have one piece of equipment in every item slot.
  • Katagelasticism (Gold): Mock the traitor.
  • Plutophobia (Bronze): Reach level 50 or higher.
  • Rhabdophilia (Bronze): Earn your very first Enchantress rune.
  • Somniphobia (Silver): Play the game for at least 20 hours.
  • Thanatophobia (Gold): WITHOUT using the Architect, complete the game dying 15 times or less.
  • Zoophobia (Silver): Defeat all the minibosses.