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Scrabble (PS4) Cheats & Tips

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  • "Not a Coincidence" (Bronze): Spell at least two words in a turn.
  • B-I-N-G-O (Bronze): Score a Bingo.
  • Child's Play (Bronze): Beat the Very Easy AI.
  • Combo (Bronze): Use at least 2 types of Premium Squares in one turn.
  • Float like a Butterfly (Silver): Beat the Hard AI.
  • House Rules (Bronze): Win 5 matches in Quick Play.
  • I'm On Fire (Bronze): Score over 225 points in any mode.
  • Socializer (Bronze): Use an Emoji in Multiplayer.
  • The New Star ! (Gold): Unlock all other Scrabble trophies!
  • We Like You, Too (Bronze): Spell the word "SCRABBLE" on board.
  • Welcome Aboard (Bronze): Complete one match in any mode.
  • Whew (Bronze): Make a word in the last 5 seconds remaining in your turn in any mode.
  • Word Scholar (Bronze): Score over 50 points in one turn.
  • You Can't Beat Me (Silver): Score over 325 points in any mode.