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Tearaway Unfolded (PS4) Cheats & Tips

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  • Air Selfie (Bronze): Take a Selfie on the Paper Plane.
  • Bouncer (Bronze): Bounce on two bouncer scraps without touching the ground.
  • Chauffeur (Gold): Safely deliver the Misplaced Gopher everywhere she wants to go.
  • Completist (Gold): 100% complete the game.
  • Crafty (Bronze): Create 10 decorations with the cutting mat.
  • Do-Gooder (Gold): Complete all the "extra things to do".
  • Doppelganger (Bronze): Take a photo of the Other Messenger.
  • Free Hug (Bronze): Throw a gopher at a scrap.
  • Friendly Fire (Bronze): Force a stilt scrap to shoot another scrap.
  • Gifted (Gold): Collect all the hidden presents.
  • Globe Trotter (Silver): Take a photo in each chapter.
  • Good Old Days (Silver): Take a black and white photo of a gopher riding an elk.
  • Gopher Trampoline (Bronze): Bounce 10 times in a row on a gopher.
  • Ham-Fisted (Bronze): Dispatch 10 scraps while riding the pig.
  • Harlequin (Silver): Change the color of every part of your messenger.
  • Helping Hand (Bronze): Complete your first "extra thing to do".
  • Iconic (Bronze): Create a trophy icon on the cutting mat.
  • Imprison (Bronze): Throw a scrap into the controller.
  • Lunch Break (Silver): Take a sepia photo of a squirrel eating an acorn.
  • Neat Freak (Silver): Use the Guiding Light to clear up 500 pieces of scrap paper.
  • Paperazzi (Bronze): Take 15 photos of the paper world.
  • Papercraft Beginner (Bronze): Unlock your first papercraft plan.
  • Papercraft Enthusiast (Silver): Collect 25 papercraft plans.
  • Papercraft Wizard (Silver): Collect all the papercraft plans in the world.
  • Perfectionist (Platinum): Collect all the other trophies.
  • Petting Zoo (Bronze): Stroke 4 different types of creature inside your controller.
  • Piggy in the Middle (Bronze): Let the squirrels play throw-and-catch with the messenger.
  • Scrapped (Gold): Dispatch all the scraps.
  • Shredder (Silver): Dispatch 200 scraps.
  • Taxi! (Silver): Safely deliver the Misplaced Gopher home.
  • Too Much Swag (Bronze): Put more than 10 decorations on your messenger.
  • Tower of Doom (Bronze): Tumble a stack of 5 scraps.
  • With One Stone (Bronze): Hit 5 enemies at once with a Thrown-Forth projectile.
  • Yellow Head (Silver): Take a photo of Yellow Head.
  • You Have 1 New Message (Silver): Finish the game.