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Tower of Guns (PS4) Cheats & Tips

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  • Achievement Farming 101: Kill over 350 Enemies in a Single Level (Bronze)
  • At Least You'll Get An Achievement For It…: Die while a Boss is Exploding (Bronze)
  • BlueGrass Is Still the Best: Unlock all the Perks (Bronze)
  • But Did You REALLY Finish?: Beat the game (non uberwin) (Silver)
  • Chose All the Better Guns: Unlock all the Guns (Silver)
  • Eating Your Cake Too: Complete a 10th run (Bronze)
  • I'll Never Use That Pistol Again: Unlock a weapon (Bronze)
  • One Down, More than One to Go!: Beat a boss (Bronze)
  • Start With a Jump…: Jump and Remain Airborn for 45 Seconds (Silver)
  • SuperTilt!: Tilt 10 times in a row (Bronze)
  • This Is Getting Interesting: Complete a 50th run (Silver)
  • You Have Played This More Than Joe Has: Complete a 100th run (Gold)