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Toy Soldiers: War Chest (PS4) Cheats & Tips

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  • Always Stealing mah Kills (Silver): Get 10 assists in a multiplayer match.
  • Beast Master (Bronze): Complete Dark Lord's Intro Campaign Mission.
  • Best Friends (Silver): Play a co-op game to completion.
  • Booooom! (Silver): Call in your barrage in a multiplayer match.
  • Challenger (Gold): Complete all of the challenges for every level of one hero's campaign.
  • Close Calls (Silver): Kill 10 units threatening your toybox in one mission.
  • Collector (Silver): Collect all of the toys for a single hero.
  • Competitive Urge (Gold): Win 100 multiplayer matches.
  • Completionist (Gold): Collect all of the toys for all of the core heroes.
  • Emperor (Bronze): Complete Kaiser's Intro Campaign Mission.
  • Eye for an Eye (Bronze): Get 10 paybacks in a singleplayer or multiplayer match.
  • Future Soldier (Bronze): Complete Phantom's Intro Campaign Mission.
  • Hero POWER! (Gold): Call in your hero vehicle in a multiplayer match.
  • Love and Happiness (Bronze): Complete Star Power's Intro Campaign Mission.
  • Maximum Power! (Gold): Attach every upgrade to a turret.
  • Oooooo Shiny (Silver): Get a platinum medal on any level.
  • Pew Pew (Gold): Use every turret and hero weapon of every core hero.
  • Power Up (Bronze): Attach an upgrade to a turret.
  • Shut Down (Silver): Kill an enemy player's hero in a multiplayer match.
  • Squish (Silver): Crush a turret with a hero vehicle.
  • Toys R U (Platinum): Collect all of the other trophies for Toy Soldiers War Chest.
  • Welcome to the Toy Box! (Bronze): Choose your first hero.
  • What's in the Box? (Silver): Purchase a Blind Box pack.
  • You Shall Not Pass (Gold): Survive 10 rounds in any survival mission.