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Until Dawn: Rush of Blood (PS4) Cheats & Tips

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  • A storm of bullets (Bronze): Dual wield Machine Pistols.
  • Barrel of laughs (Bronze): Kill 20 enemies with barrels.
  • Blow your mind (Silver): Get 100 headshots.
  • Dead eye (Silver): Get > 80% accuracy on a level.
  • Diagnosis complete (Silver): Finish the story on any difficulty.
  • Do you feel lucky? (Bronze): Dual wield Revolvers.
  • Duck hunter (Silver): Shoot all the moving ducks in 'Haunted Lodge'.
  • Final Inferno killer (Silver): Finish 'Final Inferno' on Insane.
  • Final Inferno survivor (Bronze): Finish 'Final Inferno'.
  • Final treatment (Platinum): Collect all trophies.
  • Four barrel spray of death (Bronze): Dual wield Shotguns.
  • Ghost Town killer (Silver): Finish 'Ghost Town' on Insane.
  • Ghost Town survivor (Bronze): Finish 'Ghost Town'.
  • Haunted Lodge killer (Silver): Finish 'Haunted Lodge' on Insane.
  • Haunted Lodge survivor (Bronze): Finish 'Haunted Lodge'.
  • Hotel Hell killer (Silver): Finish 'Hotel Hell' on Insane.
  • Hotel Hell survivor (Bronze): Finish 'Hotel Hell'.
  • I bestow this fire-power (Bronze): Pick up a new weapon.
  • I shoot therefore I am (Bronze): Beat a previous set score on a level.
  • Master arsenal (Bronze): Have picked up all weapons.
  • Mines of Death killer (Silver): Finish 'Mines of Death' on Insane.
  • Mines of Death survivor (Bronze): Finish 'Mines of Death'.
  • Mostly armless (Bronze): Blast off 100 limbs.
  • Nightmare Descent killer (Silver): Finish 'Nightmare Descent' on Insane.
  • Nightmare Descent survivor (Bronze): Finish 'Nightmare Descent'.
  • Nowhere to hide (Bronze): Hit three targets with one shot from the Revolver.
  • Obsessive collector (Gold): Collect all the skittles.
  • Old school (Silver): Complete a level using only pistols.
  • On a roll (Bronze): Reach multiplier x4.
  • Psycho Cellblock killer (Silver): Finish 'Psycho Cellblock' on Insane.
  • Psycho Cellblock survivor (Bronze): Finish 'Psycho Cellblock'.
  • Secret spotter (Silver): Collect all the skittles in one level.
  • Spitting lead (Bronze): Hit three or more targets with a blast from the shotgun.
  • The nightmare ends (Gold): Finish the story on Psychotic.
  • Unstoppable (Silver): Reach multiplier x8.
  • Won armed (Silver): Complete a level using only one hand.