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Tips/Hints: Re-use Manhole Covers

Once you acquire the Doc's eye near the end of the game, return to the safe house, go through the kitchen and notice the prepper will close all the fast track routes. Re-open the manhole covers in each level to allow you to quickly fast track to any level.


  • Baby Steps (Silver): Finish Game in Chicken Mode.
  • Betrayed! (Gold): Survive the Ambush at the Church.
  • BOB is your best Friend (Bronze): Pick up a backpack (Bug-Out-Bag).
  • Buckingham Palace (Silver): Get into Buckingham Palace.
  • Burninated! (Silver): Kill your first zombie with a Molotov Cocktail.
  • CCTV Is Watching You (Gold): Hack all of the CCTV junction boxes in London.
  • Crossbow Kill (Silver): First Kill with the Crossbow.
  • Epidemic (Silver): Kill 100 zombies.
  • Expanded Backpack (Silver): Get the XL BOB.
  • Expanded Storage (Gold): Get the XXL BOB.
  • Headshot! (Bronze): First Headshot with a gun.
  • I Survived! (Gold): Finish Game in Standard Mode.
  • Let's Go Shopping (Silver): Get into the Supermarket.
  • Outbreak (Bronze): Kill 50 zombies.
  • Pandemic (Gold): Kill 200 zombies.
  • Safehouse (Bronze): Make it to the Safehouse.
  • The Nursery (Gold): Get into the Nursery.
  • The Ultimate Survivor (Platinum): Earn every trophy in the game.
  • Tower of London (Silver): Get into the Tower of London.
  • Unbreakable (Gold): Reach a Survivor Score of 2000 points.
  • Unstoppable (Gold): Finish Game in Survival Mode.