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Burnout Legends (Sony PSP) Cheats & Tips

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Unlock the Firetruck

Earn a Gold Medal on all Crash Events.

Unlock the Gangster Boss Car

Earn a Gold Medal on all Race Events.

Unlock the Cop Racer

Earn a Gold Medal on all Pursuit Events.

Unlock the Compact Cop

Earn Bronze in Silver Lake or Airport T1 + T2 Pursuit.

Unlock the Legend Compact

Earn Gold in Interstate Loop Legend Face-Off.

Unlock the Gangster Legend

Earn Gold in the Palma Bay Legend Face-Off.

Unlock the Dominator Compact

Earn 10,000 Burnout Pts.

Unlock the Tuned Compact

Earn 5 Gold Medals.

Unlock the Assassin Compact

Earn 15 Takedowns.