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ZombiU (Wii U) Cheats & Tips

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Unlock: Bonus Videos

Redeem 30 UPlay Points

Unlock: Customized Cricket Bat

Redeem 20 UPlay Points

Unlock: The Last of Them Multiplayer Game Mode

Redeem 40 UPlay Points

Unlock: ZombiU Logo 80s style

Redeem 10 UPlay Points

Unlock: Alternative Endings

Beat the game with (a) a USB drive item or (b) after dying in the final area of Survivor Mode.

Tips/Hints: Re-use Manhole Covers

Once you acquire the Doc's eye near the end of the game, return to the safe house, go through the kitchen and notice the prepper will close all the fast track routes. Re-open the manhole covers in each level to allow you to quickly fast track to any level.