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Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved (Xbox 360) Cheats & Tips

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UNLOCKABLES | Extra Life (Evolved)

Earn 75,000 points.

UNLOCKABLES | Extra Life (Retro)

Earn 20,000 points.

UNLOCKABLES | Extra Bomb (Evolved)

Earn 100,000 points.

UNLOCKABLES | Extra Bomb (Retro)

Earn 25,000 points.

UNLOCKABLES | Complete Mad Cat Skills Achievement

Collect 9 lives.

UNLOCKABLES | Complete Quartermaster Achievement

Collect 9 bombs.

UNLOCKABLES | Complete Multitastic Achievement

Earn a 10x multiplier.

UNLOCKABLES | Complete Pacifism Achievement

Survive the first 60 seconds of a game without using a bomb.