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UNLOCKABLES | Unlockables

While at the Madden Cards screen, highlight Madden Codes and press X.  When prompted, enter one of the following case-sensitive codes to unlock the corresponding item:

Code Item
6W5J6Z 001 Rex Grossman (gold)
7D8S6J 010 J.P. Losman (gold)
7E3G7Y 011 Willis McGahee (gold)
7F5B2Y 012 Eric Moulds (gold)
7H3B2Y 013 Takeo Spikes (gold)
7H9E8L 014 Lawyer Milloy (gold)
7J3Y7F 015 Jake Plummer (gold)
7J8F4J 016 Ashley Lelie (gold)
7K5C8V 017 Al Wilson (gold)
7L8C2W 018 Champ Bailey (gold)
2W4P9T 188 1st and 15 Bronze
2Y7L8B 189 1st and 5 Bronze
1A2D9F 019 John Lynch (gold)
2Z2F4H 190 Unforced Errors Bronze
3D3Q3P 191 Extra Credit Bronze
3D8X6T 192 Tight Fit Bronze
3E9R4V 193 5th Down Bronze
3F9G4J 194 3rd Down Bronze
3H3U7F 195 Human Plow Bronze
3H8M5U 196 Super Dive Bronze
3J3S9Y 197 Da Boot Bronze
6X7W2O 002 Thomas Jones (gold)
7O1J3F 020 D.J. Williams (gold)
7P5G3N 021 Lee Suggs (gold)
7Q2E45 022 Kellen Winslow Jr. (gold)
7Q6F4G 023 Simeon Rice (gold)
7Q6X4L 024 Derrick Brooks (gold)
7R7V2E 025 Ronde Barber (gold)
7S4C4D 026 Anthony McFarland (gold)
7T1G2Y 027 Michael Clayton (gold)
7T3V5K 028 Anquan Boldin (gold)
7T6B5N 029 Larry Fitzgerald (gold)
6Y5Z6H 003 Brian Urlacher (gold)
7U4M9B 030 Bertrand Berry (gold)
7U6B3L 031 LaDainian Tomlinson (gold)
6Z9X5Y 004 Olin Kreutz (gold)
7A7Z2G 005 Tommie Harris (gold)
7C6U4H 006 Carson Palmer (gold)
7D1B2H 007 Chad Johnson (gold)
7D1X8K 008 Rudi Johnson (gold)
7D5W8J 009 Brian Simmons (gold)