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Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas (Xbox 360) Cheats & Tips

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SECRETS | Outtake Video

While in the Fremont Street level, shoot the bottle of Axe on the roof ledge and an animation of a girl in a bikini will appear.  Then, a movie will start with outtakes.

ACHIEVEMENTS | Gamerscore Achievement Points

Complete the following objectives to unlock the corresponding gamerscore points:

Gamerscore Points Objective
Lone Wolf (15) Achieve the most kills in a ranked online sharpshooter match
Unlockable How to Unlock Sniper (15) Get 10 kills with a sniper rifle in an online ranked match
Marksman (10) Get 100 total player kills in any adversarial mode match
Team Survivalist (15) Earn the most kills in a winning match of online ranked Team Survival
Killer's Spree (20) Get 5 consecutive player kills without dying
Killer's Rampage (30) Get 10 consecutive player kills without dying
Team Champion (15) Achieve the most kills in a winning online ranked match of Team Sharpshooter
Demolition Expert (20) Kill 50 players using just explosives
Special Operations (50) Play each map of all the Adversarial games
Siege Specialist (15) Get the most kills for the Defenders in a winning ranked match of Attack & Defend
Survivor (15) Be the last player in online ranked Survival
Hostage Rescue (15) Rescue all hostages in an Attack & Defend mission in less than 5 minutes
Bomb Expert (15) Defuse the bomb within 2 minutes in Attack & Defend
Master of Ceremonies (15) Host a 16-player online match
Hazmat Specialist (15) Deposit your canister and kill an enemy canister carrier in the same Retrieval match
Infiltration Specialist (15) Recover the Intel in Attack & Defend within 2 minutes
Best of the Best (40) Earn the rank of Elite
Officer (20) Earn the rank of Lieutenant 2nd Class
Tour of Duty (60) Complete all Terrorist Hunt missions cooperatively
Basic Training (5) Earn the rank of Private 1st Class
Vegas Champion (50) Complete Story Mode in Coop
Coop Hunt Novice (10) Complete a T-Hunt mission in Coop
Coop Story Novice (10) Complete a Story mission Coop
Tough Hombre (30) Beat Border Town in Single Player Story Mode
Dam Buster (30) Beat Nevada Dam in Single Player Story Mode
High Climber (30) Beat Vertigo Spire in Single Player Story Mode
Rainbow Six Legend (100) Beat Single Player Story Mode on Realistic Difficulty
Street Cleaner (30) Beat Downtown Vegas in Single Player Story Mode
Hell Hound (30) Beat Dante's Casino in Single Player Story Mode
High Roller (30) Beat Calypso Casino in Single Player Story Mode
Pistoleer (25) Kill 150 terrorists with just a Pistol
Equipment Specialist (20) Use all Gadgets at least once in Single Player mode
Story Veteran Hunter (50) Complete all maps of split screen Terrorist Hunt on Normal difficulty
Executioner (30) Kill 500 terrorists either online or off
True Identity (30) Use Xbox Live Vision to Create-A-Character
Elite Hunter (75) Beat all maps in Split Screen T-Hunt on Realistic difficulty