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Amped 2 (Xbox) Cheats & Tips

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Unlock Cheat Codes

While at the Options menu, go to Cheats and enter the following codes to unlock the corresponding item:

Item Code
Level Select AllLevels
Bigfoot Character BrotherOfYeti
Bones Character FunnyBone
Bunny Character Bunny
Frosty Jack Character FrostByte
Hermit Joe Character GetOffMyLand
MoCap Man Character MoCapMan
Radical Character Radical
Shiny Gal Character MetalMaam
Steezy Character ChillinWSteezy
Yeti Character GoTeamYeti
All Characters AllMyPeeps
Maximum Stats MaxSkills
No Collisions NoCollisions
Faster Boarders FastMove
Icy Courses AllIce
No Crashes DontCrash
Faster Spins SuperSpin
Low Gravity Mode LowGravity
All Grabs TrickedOut
All FMV Sequences ShowRewards
Disable Cheat Codes noCheats