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Dead or Alive 3 (Xbox) Cheats & Tips

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Walkthrough Guide:

Click here for our walkthrough guide.

Unlock Endings Movies

Beat the game with each character to see each unique endings movie.

Unlock Endings W/ Extra Options

Beat the game with every character to see the staff credits also.  Then you have the option to decide if you want the credits on or off while in the Game Settings Screen.

Unlock Kasumi Hair Trick

While choosing Kasumi, press Y (long hair, and A (for pony tail).

Unlock Ein

Beat Story Mode with all of the characters.  Next, play either Time Attack or Survival Mode and get the ranking "EIN".  Ein is not available in Story Mode.

Unlock Ein's Third Costume

Beat Time Attack Mode in under six minutes.

Unlock Kasumi's Third Costume

Beat Exercise Mode in Sparring Mode.

Unlock Zack's Third Costume

Beat twenty guys in Survival Mode.

Unlock Theater Mode

Beat Story Mode with any character.

View Credits

Beat the game with all characters to unlock the option.