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Dead Or Alive Ultimate (Xbox) Cheats & Tips

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Unlock All Options

Collect all Items in Survival Collection Mode.

Unlock Extra Configuration Option

Beat the game with any character.

Unlock Bayman Character

Accumulate 10 Hours worth of playing time (or beat Story Mode as Leon under Normal/Hard Difficulty).

Unlock Hitmoi Character

Beat Story Mode with Ein and have a saved game from Dead or Alive 3 or Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball on your hard drive.

Unlock Raidou Character

Beat the game with all 8 Characters.

Unlock Tengu Character

Beat the game with all characters.

Give More Bounce to the Girls

Set your age to a higher number.

Choose from Alternate Stages

While making a choice from the Stage Selection Screen, press Black or X.

Change Player's Hair Style

While at the Character Selection Screen, press X, Y, White, or Black.