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Extra | Unlock Foundation Multiplayer Map

Beat the Single Player Campaign on Heroic Difficulty.

Tip | More Effective Killing

On the Warthog, be the gunner or passenger.  Unless you are really good at driving it, you will be much more effective at killing the enemies.

Tip | Destroy Vehicles

Since the vehicles can be destroyed, shoot the Warthog's hub caps or ties, the Ghost's wings, and simply hit the tank anywhere with a rocket.

Tip | Dual Wielding Tip

When you are in a closed room or a small area (hallway, small room, etc.) hold one weapon so you can easily throw grenades.  When in a large open area, hold both weapons since grenades won't have a large impact on what you do.

Tip | Do Tricks with the Banshee

When controlling a Banshee, press A and a direction on the Left Analog Stick.  For example, pressing A and Left Analog Stick Down will cause the Banshee to do a backflip.

Tip | Kill the Brutes/Flood Easily

Start by getting a Plasma Sword from a dead Covenant Elite.  When you approach the Brute/Flood, get close enough to the Brute/Flood for the half-circle crosshairs to turn red, then attack.  This will take off half of the Brute's/Flood's life.  Right after you attack, jump into the air and repeat the same attack.

Tip | Killing Elites

When attacking the Elites, do not fire only once, always fire multiple shots at once.  Otherwise, the Elites will attack and hurt you quicker and easier.

Tip | Locking on Enemies with Rockets

Hold R until it the you receive a message that you are currently locked on.

Tip | Switch from Frag to Plasma Grenades

If you have both types of grenades, press Black to switch between the two.

Tip | Steal Manned Vehicles

To steal a vehicle from the enemy, approach the vehicle and press X to throw the driver out, then press X to board.  NOTE: When stealing a Wraith, you must destroy the side guns first.  Then, press X to hang on the side and press B to punch in the door.  After that, throw a grenade inside, jump off, then press X to board.