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James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing (Xbox) Cheats & Tips

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CHEAT CODES | Cheat Codes

To unlock the following cheats, collect the indicated number of Platinum Awards, then pause the game and enter the corresponding code:

Cheat # of Platinum Awards Code
Golden Gun


B, Y, A, B, Y

Improved Traction


B, A, A, X, Y
Improved Battery 5 B, X, X, A, B
Double Ammunition 7 B, B, A, B, Y
Double Damage 9 B, Y, Y, X, B
Full Ammunition 11 B, B, Y, X, X
Cloak 13 B, Y, A, Y, X
Full Battery 15 B, Y, Y, A, B
All Weapons 17 B, Y, A, A, B
Unlimited Battery 19 B, X, B, X, Y
Unlimited Ammunition 23 B, A, X, A, Y
Slow-Mo Driving 25 B, X, Y, A, Y
Platinum Gun 27 B, X, X, B, A