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MLB SlugFest 2003 (Xbox) Cheats & Tips

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CHEAT CODES | Cheat Codes

While at the match-up screen, press the code listed below to unlock the corresponding cheat:

Cheat Code
Max Batting Ability X (3x), Left
Max Power Y (3x), Left
Max Speed B (3x), Left
Unlimited Turbo X (4x), Y (4x), B (4x), Down
Roman Coliseum Stadium X (3x), Y (3x), B (3x), Up
Rocket Part Stadium X (3x), Y (2x), B, Up
No Fatigue X (3x), Y (4x), B (3x), Up
No Contact X (4x), Y (3x), B (3x), Left
Extra Time (after completion of plays) X, Y, Y, B (3x), Up
Eagle Team X, X, Y, B, B, Right
Horse Team X, X, Y, B, Right
Pinto Team X, X, Y, Right
Lion Team X, X, Y, Y, Right
Terry Fitzgerald's Team X (3x), Y (3x), B (3x), Right
Todd McFarlane's Team X, X, Y, Y, B, B, Right
Big Head Mode X, X, Right
Small Head Mode X, X, Left
Tournament Mode X, Y, B, Down
Softball (Fewer Homers) X, X, Y (4x), B, B, Down
Rubberball (More Homers) X, X, Y (4x), B, B, Up
Log Bat B (4x), Up
Mace Bat B (4x), Left
Wiffle Bat B (4x), Right