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NFL Blitz 2002 (Xbox) Cheats & Tips

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While you are at the versus screen, press the indicated buttons to unlock the corresponding cheat.

Cheat Code to Enter
Large Feet Mode R, R, A (5x), Left
Bonus Time After Plays A, Right
Large Shoulder Mode R, R, A (5x), Right
Chimp Mode R, R, A (5x), Up
Chrome Football R, R, R, Left
NFL Blitz Football R, R, R, Left
Faster Running Speed R, R, R, A, A, Left
Clear Skies L, R, R, A (3x), Right
Stronger Blitz R (5x), A (4x), Up
No Punts L, R (4x), A, Up
Large Hear Mode L, R (4x), A (5x), Left
Rain L (5x), R (5x), A (5x), Right
Snow L (5x), R (5x), A (5x), Left