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Ninja Gaiden (Xbox) Cheats & Tips

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UNLOCKABLES | Alternative Costume (Ninja of the Future)

Beat the game on Normal or Hard Difficulty.  Then, hold L while selecting New Game.

UNLOCKABLES | Alternative Costume (Ryu's Fiend)

Beat the game on Very Hard Difficulty.

CHEAT CODES | In-Game Reset

While playing a game, return to the main menu and press Start + Back.

UNLOCKABLES | Plasma Saber

Beat the game on Normal Difficulty.  Then, while selecting New Game, hold L.

CHEAT CODES | Skip FMV Sequences

Press Start, A, Start.

UNLOCKABLES | Unlock All FMV Sequences

Beat the game on Normal or Hard Difficulty settings.

UNLOCKABLES | Very Hard Difficulty

Beat the game on Normal or Hard Difficulty settings.

CHEAT CODES | Passwords

Ninja Gaiden

Level Password


L, X, A, Y, A, X
2 A, X, X, R, Y, A
3 X, Y, B, R, L, X
4 B, R, A, B, Y, Y
5 X, A, Y, X, L, L
6 R, Y, R, L, A, X

Ninja Gaiden 2

Level Password


A, A, B, X, Y, R
2 X, L, R, B, B, A
3 L, Y, B, A, R, R
4 A, L, X, Y, Y, B
5 R, A, A, B, X, L
6 Y, L, R, A, Y, R
7 B, B, X, Y, A, L

Ninja Gaiden 3

Level Password


B, Y, R, L, X, A
2 A, R, R, Y, A, L
3 L, B, R, Y, L, Y
4 R, R, B, A, Y, X
5 Y, A, B, X, R, X
6 B, X, X, A, X, Y
7 X, R, X, Y, Y, L