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CHEAT CODES | Programmer Bonuses

When you are starting a new game, type in HCRAYERT as a name (the developer's name backwards).  Then, go back and enter any name you wish and when the game starts, you will be 40% complete, have Swing Speed/Web Zip Upgrades, 201,000 Hero Points, and Alien Buster, Big Game Hunter, Shock Absorber, and Tentacle Wrangler ranks.

Alternatively, type HCRAYERT in as a name after loading a saved game you already started.  The game won't accept it, but once you leave that screen, you will have all skills cleared, 201,000 Hero Points, and you will be at the First day of the rest of your life.

UNLOCKABLES | Alien Buster Award

Beat Mysterio in Story Mode.

UNLOCKABLES | Anger Manager Award

Stop 25 Road Rage occurrences.

UNLOCKABLES | Automobile Avenger Award

Stop 25 Car Jacking occurrences.

UNLOCKABLES | Balloon Popper Award

Pop 25 balloons.

UNLOCKABLES | Bane of Petty Thieves Award

Stop 25 purse snatchings.

UNLOCKABLES | Big Game Hunter Award

Defeat Rhino in Story Mode.


Defeat 200 enemies.

UNLOCKABLES | Crime Stopper Award

Stop 250 petty crimes.

UNLOCKABLES | Drenched Explorer Award

Collect all 130 Buoy Tokens

UNLOCKABLES | Employee of the Month Award

Complete all 20 pizza missions.

UNLOCKABLES | Friend to Children Award

Return 25 balloons to children.

UNLOCKABLES | Game Master Award

Beat the game with 100% rank.

UNLOCKABLES | Gold Medallist Award

Beat the Mega Times on all challenges.

UNLOCKABLES | Good Samaritan Award

Help 250 citizens in distress.

UNLOCKABLES | Hardcore Gamer Award

Beat all Arcade Games.


Earn 45,000 Hero Points.

UNLOCKABLES | Hero in Training Award

Earn 15,000 Hero Points.

UNLOCKABLES | Honorary Deputy Award

Assist 25 police officers.

UNLOCKABLES | Human Ambulance Award

Help 25 Medical Emergencies.

UNLOCKABLES | Knowledge Seeker Award

Collect all 213 Hint Markers.

UNLOCKABLES | Life Preserver Award

Rescue 25 Sinking Boat Emergencies.

UNLOCKABLES | Lifter of Spirits Award

Rescue 25 Hanging Citizens.

UNLOCKABLES | Lover Not A Fighter Award

Finish all 10 Mary Jane missions.

UNLOCKABLES | Master Explorer Award

Collect all Exploration tokens.

UNLOCKABLES | Mega Champ Award

Defeat 500 enemies.

UNLOCKABLES | Mega Hero Award

Earn 200,000 Hero Points.

UNLOCKABLES | Party-crasher Award

Stop 25 Battle Royales.

UNLOCKABLES | Shock Absorber Award

Beat Shocker in Story Mode.

UNLOCKABLES | Shutterbug Award

Finish all 6 Daily Bugle Missions.

UNLOCKABLES | Silver Medalist Award

Finish all challenges.

UNLOCKABLES | Speed Freak Award

Earn Max Swing Speed.

UNLOCKABLES | Stick Up Artist Award

Stop 25 Robberies.

UNLOCKABLES | Sucker Award

Stop 25 Ambushes.

UNLOCKABLES | Superhero Award

Earn 100,000 Hero Points.

UNLOCKABLES | Tentacle Wrangler Award

Beat Doc Ock in Story Mode.

UNLOCKABLES | Thug Mugger Award

Collect all the Skyscraper Tokens.

UNLOCKABLES | Towering Explorer Award

Collect all the Skyscraper Tokens.

UNLOCKABLES | Vigilant Explorer Award

Collect all the Hideout Tokens.

UNLOCKABLES | Watch Dog Award

Stop 25 Break-Ins.

UNLOCKABLES | Watchful Explorer Award

Collect all the Secret Tokens.

UNLOCKABLES | Wallsprint Level 2 Upgrade

Collect all the 150 Skyscraper Tokens.

UNLOCKABLES | Spider-Missile Upgrade

Collect all the 130 Buoy Tokens.