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Test Drive: Eve of Destruction (Xbox) Cheats & Tips

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UNLOCKABLES | AI Vengeance Title

Earn the top rank as a driver in Career Mode.

UNLOCKABLES | Buh-Kwawk Title

Max out the Hit Meter 15 times in a Career Event.

UNLOCKABLES | Chicken Fight Title

Destroy your car within 55 seconds in Action Mode.

UNLOCKABLES | Deadly Ambition Title

Disable all the cars in a Point-to-Point race.

UNLOCKABLES | Fast Forward Title

Win a Figure-Eight Jump race without taking any damage.

UNLOCKABLES | Hardcore Mode Title

Wrangle a car in 9 seconds.

UNLOCKABLES | Old Tyme Racing Title

Gain 100 kills in Career Mode.

TIPS | Turbo Boost Title

Beat all of the Dare Mode challenges.  Hold White to use it.